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Buyer Be Wear

because paypal disputes are so last season

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reviews for online webshops selling fashion items

Buyer BeWear!

A community dedicated to providing honest buyer reviews of online stores/etsy shops/ebay sellers that sell fashion items such as: clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories.

Admin & Founder: choose
Affiliates: attiredujour | glamour_autopsy

1. No self promotion. Though we do allow reviews of purchases from small shops such as etsy stores and ebay sellers, you cannot review yourself (for obvious reasons).
2. No drama. Take your personal vendettas elsewhere.
3. No selling. Reviews or requests for reviews only. EXceptions made only for coupon codes and announcements about sales.
4. Photos of items purchased and the way they were packed are encouraged, but any photo over 400 x 400 pixels must be places under a cut.

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thefulcrum for the layout